0843, 0844 & 0845 Virtual Numbers

Give your company a national presence with an 084x non-geographical revenue generating number.

What are 084x Non-Geographical Numbers

An 084 non-geographic number is usually used for organisations and companies with a national presence.

The Cost

Previously 084 numbers were known as Local Rate phone numbers. With changes in the pricing structure by OFCOM, the service charge on an 084x can be £0.00 to £0.07 per minute.

Telephone operators, such as BT, Vodafone and EE, will charge an access rate in additional to the service charge.

Why use 084 Non-Geographical Numbers

An 084 Number can give a national appear as well as generating revenue. Changes in rules prohibits the use of after sales support on an 084 range in the UK.


Our Non-Geographical Numbers can have the following IVR features enabled.

Welcome message

Give your business a professional image with a tailored welcome message. The Introduction message can be professionally recorded, or you can record your own.

Missed call alerts

Get an email notification or SMS text message when you miss a phone call.


Any missed call or out of hour calls can go to a voicemail service. The voicemail from the caller will be emailed to you, reducing the loss of potential clients and sales.

Call Recording

Record your calls, ideal for staff monitoring, legal requirements or general quality control.
Call recordings can be accessible via email, web panel and FTP.
Our call recording equipment is industry certified.

Call Forwarding

Can't get to the phone? Calls can be forwarded to the next available agent seamlessly.

Hunt Groups

Sales calls to your sales team and support calls to the support team, either calling all team members at once or a round-robin environment, sharing calls equally.
Priority can be given to certain operators, such as top performing sales agents.

Out of Office

Play a custom message to callers trying to reach you when closed, accompanied with a voicemail option if needed.

Call Queuing

Queue calls should you have more callers than agents. Ideal for companies with limited staff or during busy periods. Call Queuing ensures calls are not lost.

TIme of Day Routing

Working from Home on a Monday? In the office on Tuesday? Not a problem. Set your schedule into the phone system to ensure no call is lost.

Call Blocking

Block unwanted spam calls and stop nuisance callers. Prioritise the important calls to your business.

Music on Hold

Play custom audio files to your callers when on hold or in a queue. This can be our supplied audio, your own music or a promotional message.

Menu options

Improve the user experience by filtering calls to the correct department. This can be achieved with a menu system. An example is press 1 for Sales.

Voice Recognition

Allow callers to speak to the phone system to obtain the information required, such as the callers name, account number or address.

Fax to Email

Move away from old fax machines. Receive your faxes via your phone system directly to your email.

Divert when Busy

Divert calls to another user, extension, menu or voicemail.

Call Whisper

When you or your operators answer a call from the virtual number, we can play a message to the operator, enabling a professional service to be provided. Whisper messages can be "sales call", "support call", your own audio or just "beep beep beep".

WhatsApp Business

Use your virtual office number as your WhatsApp Business number, allowing your customers to call or message you.


We can create custom IVR applications to fit your requirements. Including API's, speech recognition, SMS text messages sent during and/or after a call, as well as many more bespoke features.

Online Management & Stats Panel

Available with the services is access to a feature-rich online management and stats panel.

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