09 Premium Rate Numbers

Provide a charged Service and Generate Revenue on premium rate numbers.

What are 09 Premium Rate Numbers

Premium rate numbers operate on the 09 number range, generating revenue for your business on every call. There are many premium rate services available, which are listed below.

The Cost

09 premium rate numbers are billed per call, billed per minute, or combination billing. The charges range from free of charge to £6 per call or £3.60 per minute.

Why use 09 Premium Rate Numbers

Premium rate numbers can be used to generate extra revenue whilst providing a service, such as technical help lines, support and entertainment services. A more comprehensive list is below.

Premium Rate Services

Digital Select can supply the following services on premium rate numbers

Customer Support and Advice

Provide technical or product specific support and advice to callers. 1 to 999+ operators and IVR features as standard.

Psychic Chat

Use our ready made psychic chat service complete with operators and strong hold times, or setup the system with your own chat operators.

Entertainment Services

Adult and non adult entertainment service, ready made with operators or your own.

Competition Services

Engage your client base and generate additional revenue streams. Remain compliant and impartial with Digital Select's competition services.

Voting Services

Allow users to vote on their favorite contestant with premium rate numbers. Easily manage the campaign and track results.

Tipster Services

Allow callers to access your sport tip by calling a premium rate number. Guidance and advice from Digital Select, keeping you compliant.

International Premium Rate Numbers

Digital Select has access to many International Premium Rate Numbers, or IPRN's. With constant changes in the market it is recommended to contact us to obtain the most up to date information.

070 Personal Numbers

Previously charged at £0.50 per minute, 070 numbers now have a similar calling fee as mobiles. Chat to us to find alternative solutions.

Custom Applications

Require a bespoke system with IVR functionality? Speak to us to find out how we can help you.

Online Management & Stats Panel

Available with the services is access to a feature-rich online management and stats panel.

Speak to us

Our friendly team are always here to help.

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