WhatsApp Business Number

Get a UK virtual 01 or 03 Number to use for your WhatsApp Business profile.

To make it even easier for clients to contact you, Digital Select can now supply you your own virtual number integrated with WhatsApp Business.

Enabling a business presence on WhatsApp will allow clients to contact you effortlessly with the ability to send and receive messages, documents, and other relevant information on a platform they are accustomed to.

With the ability to create your business profile, provide useful information that your clients may require, links to your websites, and much more.

This is an ideal service for smaller businesses and sole traders and with virtual numbers that can be accessed and run through your personal mobile or your computer without associating your personal mobile to the account.

WhatsApp Business allows you the option to catalogue your services, allowing your customers to browse and buy directly through the listed link.

Virtual Numbers and WhatsApp Business

Features available when using a UK Virtual Number with WhatsApp Business.

Quick replies

Use shortcuts to send quick replies, saving you time and provides a prompt service to your clients.

Phone, PC or Tablet

Work anywhere. The ability to use WhatsApp Business through your phone and PC simultaneously means you can work whenever or wherever you are.

Voice and Video calling

Connecting with your clients not only with messages, but with voice and video calls allow you to maintain that personal touch.

Local and international

WhatsApp Business opens your potential to not just local, but international clients – meaning you can make business connections all over the world.

The items you sell

The added feature of listing your products to buy from your WhatsApp Business platform gives you added marketing and allows your clients an easier way to buy the things they love.

Automated replies

Can’t get to the chat? Set automated replies so your clients know when your available again.

Label chats

Organise your database of clients, prospects, customer support contacts and colleagues so you are always able to reach out to the right contacts easily and efficiently.

Instant greeting messages

Enabling instant greeting messages welcoming your clients to your business.


integrate WhatsApp Business into your existing platforms with an API.

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